Our Food

Have you ever wondered why the delicious foods you crave most always seem to be bad for you?

We don't think they have to be.  At the Orchestria Palm Court restaurant, we make rich foods using things like:

  • Eggs from vegetarian-fed free-range chickens, high in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids
  • White whole wheat flour, a variety naturally high in fiber yet light enough for pastry
  • Fruit and vegetables from local farms that are certified organic growers
  • Butter, milk, and ice cream from grass-fed cattle, another Omega 3 source.

Our food is not low-fat or low-calorie.  But its ingredients are healthful and we serve it in reasonable portion sizes, so that you can enjoy it without feeling guilty about overindulging.  We specialize in European cuisine; you'll also find items from other cuisines showing up on our menu from time to time, often as a special of the week.

We offer healthy items as standard, not optional.  We prepare food the old-fashioned way, and when you taste it, you'll understand why.  The things you won't find in our kitchen: microwave ovens or deep fat fryers.

Our current dining menu is shown below.

  . . .







Small Plates
Salmon Salad - tangerine, crispy capers, fennel   13.60
Shrimp Scampi in lemon-garlic butter   13.60
Oven Roasted Bone Marrow parsley, celery root, shallot salad, toast points   13.60
Crispy Brussels Sprouts spicy prosciutto vinaigrette   11.20
Palm Court Cheese Plate   12.00
Mesclun Lettuces Salad   7.20
Soup of the Day - Butternut Squash   6.40

Austrian Goulash - braised beef, whole wheat spaetzle, bell peppers, onions, paprika, organic sour cream   19.20
Dijon Boneless Pork Chop - mashed Gold potatoes, dried black Mission fig sauce, sugar snap peas   24.00
Chicken Saltimbocca - sage-rubbed, roasted w/provolone, crispy prosciutto, polenta, broccolini, Marsala   24.00
Grass-fed Rib-Eye - mushroom-Swiss cheese Yukon Gold potatoes, Blue Lake beans   24.00
Atlantic Salmon - roasted broccolini, basil mashed potato, citrus beurre blanc   24.80
Shrimp Puttanesca - tomatoes, artichokes, capers, olives, anchovies, fingerling potatoes   21.60
Vegetable Platter - sauteed market vegetables, wild rice salad, balsamic reduction   16.80

Desserts and Specialty Fountain Drinks
Chocolate Ganache - Organic Creme Catalan Brulee - Whole Wheat Profiterole w/organic cream
Banana Split Brulee - organic ice cream
Poppy Dew - Ambrosia Lactart - Organic Root Beer Float


Menus in downloadable versions

Desserts and Snack Foods

Our offerings include an assortment of ice cream treats made with dairy from cows fed on pasture grass. So there's no need to clog your arteries when your taste buds "scream for ice cream."  Admit it - you're going to eat sweets anyway, so why not make sure they're made from the best ingredients?

We offer an array of dessert choices prepared with the same healthful dairy and wheat products mentioned earlier.  All are made fresh in our own kitchen.

    Fountain Drinks

Drinks that are made fresh at a soda fountain can taste much different that what you are used to from a bottle or can.  They're more than an "Italian soda" made by randomly dumping syrup into a glass of sparkling water.

A real fountain drink can be savored without being super-sized.  Many are made with fresh-squeezed fruit juices that you'll find very refreshing.  We make "traditional" fountain drinks that combine both natural and artificial flavorings to give a balanced flavor.  There's an art to making one correctly (if you want to know more, here is a place to start).

At the Palm Court, we're proud of our soda fountain, and of the person behind the counter skilled at concocting drinks the way they were done 100 years ago.  We refer to him as our "soda dispenser", but if you insist on calling him the "soda jerk", he'll try not to take offense.

Wine and Beer

The Palm Court features an entertaining selection of beer and wine.  Come check out our offerings, and our suggested pairings with dinner entrees.

Hot Drinks

A variety of coffee and tea drinks are served at the Palm Court.  In addition, you'll find specialty drinks that were popular in turn-of-the-century establishments.

Bicerin (layered hot chocolate, espresso, cream)
Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha
Coffee and Tea

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